Cannabis and the Ancestral Connection

Cannabis and the Ancestral Connection

This Monday, I will be speaking at Hall of Flowers, the premier Cannabis Trade show, and I was asked to speak about inclusion in the Industry. This time, I will be taking a different approach and taking a more historical and ancestral approach to the discussion. Recently, it occurred to me that my recent ancestors were the real experts in wellness. I would have never claimed to have grown up in a family of plant healers because as a child I never perceived what we were doing as “wellness". 

I always thought we were taking Goldenseal and Burdock Root because we were too poor for real medicine. We didn’t have health insurance and so the saying was, well don’t get sick, cause we can’t go to the doctor. If you had a sniffle in my house, a thick herbal honey tonic would be forced upon me and I remember begging for NyQuil or dare I say Theraflu.  I was embarrassed that we went to the Chinese herbal store vs  the pharmacy.  Can you imagine I actually thought getting sick was a privilege because I wanted to go to the hospital like everybody else. But it has been my guiding path and one of the reasons why I started Frigg and do the work that I do. It turns out that the plants have always been my insurance plan.

Cannabis is a functional plant that has been used for 1000s of years. It’s been used all of the world and specifically in the United States it was black and brown Americans who popularized its use. It was famed Jazz Singer, Louis Armstrong who said “Cannabis helps the black man relax and face all of the bad things that can happen to us as a people. Its medicine. Its my friend.  He and fellow Jazz singers would soon become the poster child for the War on Drugs. 100 years later we are still fighting this fight.

Join me in this powerful discussion with other Cannabis leader this Monday January 18, 2021 with the amazing Rachel Knox, whose family of doctors are leader in Cannabinoid Science.


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