Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg
Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg
Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg
Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg
Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg
Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg
Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural - Frigg

Gently pat a few drops of oil into clean skin as part of your morning and night rituals. Try adding a few drops to your moisturizer as a booster or mixed into your favorite scrub or mask.

Attuning Face Potion


This plant-powered tonic harnesses radiance-from-within to bring balance back to your skin. Packed with responsibly-sourced cannabinoids like Broad Spectrum CBD (300mg) and CBG (100mg), Attuning Face Potion, smooths rough texture, fades hyperpigmentation, balances oil production, calms redness, and plumps fine lines.

Rich in healing, omega-rich Sea Buckthorn Oil and other nourishing botanical oils, our tonic strengthens your skin barrier while boosting collagen levels for more resilient, youthful skin. Ideal for all skin types, this formula is fast-absorbing with a pleasant, slightly herbaceous scent.

✔️ Enriched with antioxidants and omega fatty acids
✔️ Scientifically-developed
✔️ Sustainably-sourced
✔️ Vegan
Named after the mythical Viking goddess of plant magic, Frigg uses ancient botanical wisdom to turn back the effects of modern stressors.

This potion is packed with Broad Spectrum CBD to balance oil production and address redness and fine lines. We used the omega-rich Sea Buckthorn Oil to boost collagen and squalene to boost your skin defense barrier. This formula is fast-absorbing and has a scent that is slightly herbaceous.

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Face Plumper

I've been using this face oil for two weeks-- in the morning and before bed, and my skin has never felt better! It's hydrated, soft, supple and plump! I have also noticed that my skin has stopped breaking out. Which as a 40-something, has only begun reoccurring because of using face masks. Get yours now! It's truly amazing.


Attuning Face Potion—Clean, Vegan & Natural

A Spa in a Bottle!

I absolutely love this face potion! I'm in my mid-30s and as much as I try to deny it, I do see signs of aging. Having 2 dogs in the bed and 2 young kids also don't do my sleep habits any favors. But this magic really does help my skin look glowing, dewy and refreshed. But what I can't get enough of is that amazing spa-like smell! When I put it on each morning and night, I cup my hands over my nose and take 5 deep breaths for a quick paradise getaway. I will definitely be purchasing again!

Makes Me All Glowy

Beautiful packaging. I’ve been mixing it with my daily moisturizer and my skin feels great. Good job, Frigg!

Magical Products :)

My roommate and I are hooked! She uses the face potion daily as a part of her skin care routine. Her exact words were "It just makes me feel really pretty!" Haha. You can just tell their is so much care and dedication put into the creation of these products. I use the hair oil and can't say enough good things from the sensual smell to the way it enhances my often dried out curls. We Love Frigg!


CBD in conjuntion with other anti inflammatory oils

Balance ouT oil production for smoother soft skin

CBD and Squalane helps equalize the oil production in the skin while hydrating the skin.

Toothbrush product

Brighten Blotchy and uneven skin for a radiant glow 

Oils rich in Vitamin C to help with cellular turnover

Protect anD Defend against ENVIRONMENTAL Stressors 

Green Tea rich in antioxidants that helps protect the skin.

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Perfect Quarantine Hair: DIY Recipes

This oil was designed for you to mix and layer with other products or with items in your spice cabinet. We came up with a few recipes to get you started. 


Our Clinically REsearched Ingredients

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Sea Buckthorn Oil

One of the best sources of Vitamin C and also contain Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids.

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Hemp Derived CBD

CBD also can serve as an antioxidant and has antibacterial, antifungal an

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Olive Derived SqualanE

13% of our skin is made of squalene for moisture protection but production decreases as we get age.

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