About Us

In an age of burnout, modern stressors take a huge toll on our skin and hair. That’s why we’ve developed plant-based functional formulas that help support our emotional well-being while combatting beauty problems like dry flaky skin and scalps, thinning hair, and premature aging. 

Our hero ingredient is the hemp plant, the ultimate adaptogen for bringing the body back into balance. We use a wide range of cannabinoids for their mood-supporting properties, but also because hemp is one of the most regenerative crops known to humankind. We use many parts of the plant in our formulas and plan to use it in our packaging as well. 

Frigg, named for the Norse goddess of intuition and wisdom, is about returning to our roots, whether that’s the root of a plant or the root of well-being. Our products are designed to help you tap into that inner wisdom, and find the best everyday rituals for a more balanced and beautiful life. 

We believe that wellness should make all of us well, no matter your color, religion, age, or gender. Plants don’t discriminate, nor do we. Every Frigg formulation is created with informed guidance from our advisory board of doctors, herbalists and cosmetic chemists. We use clean, responsibly sourced and earth-friendly ingredients in everything we make.