Our Product Philosophy

We have a scientific advisory board of functional doctors, researchers, beauty professionals, and herbalists that we consult with for every formula. 

We use responsibly sourced, clean ingredients. We choose sustainable components, and make sure nothing in our formulas negatively impacts people or the planet. We avoid ingredients that are in short supply, or require lots of resources to extract the beneficial compounds. 

We pay careful attention to how our products are made. Some manufacturing and extraction processes actually diminish the beneficial properties of the ingredients. Ensuring all of our botanicals actually have the desired effect means knowing the temperatures, machinery, and solvents used during every single step of the process. 

We think about synergies between our ingredients, which are either clinically proven or supported by a herbalist methodology, whether that's Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, or indigenous plant wisdom. 

We test our products within the Frigg community so we can gather their feedback and make improvements to existing products, as well as ideating new formulations.